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Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.30.22 PM.pngNo vacancy: How Airbnb’s New York City problem is just getting worse
Why 2016 was a huge year for women’s health tech
It’s the absolute worst time for ‘Girlboss’ on Netflix
The dissonance between Vogue and Teen Vogue is finally too loud to ignore
RIP photo maps, the best part of Instagram that apparently no one else used
Uber whistleblower Susan Fowler isn’t done fighting for employee rights
Billie is making women’s razors as cheap as Dollar Shave Club
Wahed Invest promises to be the first Sharia-friendly roboadvisor for Muslim millennials
Why Silicon Valley is failing at diversity — and how to fix it (Mashable Reel)
Ashton Kutcher’s LinkedIn page shows exactly why sexism persists in tech
Robert Scoble doesn’t know what sexual harassment is
Are period apps gender-inclusive? Not quite, but they’re trying
Stitch Fix filed for an IPO, and here’s what we learned
Trailblazer: 11 women on what Ellen Pao’s fight meant to them
Ellen Pao’s ‘Reset’ is required reading for anyone in tech
The energy at the Grace Hopper Celebration is enough to make you less cynical about tech

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Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 11.59.03 AM

Cruz returns home to rally his political base
Four years after fleeing Syria, refugee family getting settled
Roadway to keep Sandra Bland’s name
Problems persist at Crestmont Village apartments
Old felonies dog woman’s search for affordable housing
‘Gilmore Guys’ podcast relives popular series
Restitution deal renews painful time for former Iran hostage
Mathew Knowles doubles cost, cancels venue reservation on veterans charity
Officer-involved shootings leave 2 dead, 1 critical in 24 hours
Entrepreneur overcame hardships of Chinese prison
Beauty school’s legacy resonates a century later
Ballad of ‘The Bachelorette’: James McCoy Taylor brings guitar home to Texas

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politifactEMILY’s List leader correct that Texas home to millions of Latinas, none ever elected to Congress
Jeb Bush says there are no homeless veterans in Houston
Cecile Richards says far more Americans support Planned Parenthood than Congress
Ken Paxton mischaracterizes abortion risk in Texas

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USATodayTrivia Crack: The app with 100M players and a game show
The new New Republic hits newsstands
Netflix launches in Cuba
Kill switch reduces smartphone theft
More affordable interior design moves online
‘Free Austin’: Campaign targets missing U.S. reporter
Millennials in the military gain a financial advantage
Family of reporter jailed in Iran stepping up efforts
5 things worth noting at SXSW
Q&A: How to cut the ‘hidden costs’ of college
How to save for college with a 529 plan
Frat to pursue legal action against ‘Rolling Stone’
Millennials’ money-saving super power? Time!

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Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 5.36.20 PMThe Bergen Record‘s online archive was wiped when it got acquired by Gannett in 2016, but I have paper copies of most of my stories for anyone who’d like to read them.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 6.37.01 PM4 reasons to work for your campus newspaper
For students, 9/11 museum elucidates a familiar tragedy
Contemplating a new major? Try contemplative studies
Should New Jersey raise its smoking age to 21?
10 summer reads to remind you of college
Birthright doesn’t always mean Israel: 4 programs for other cultures
‘Studying abroad’ — without leaving the country
Will Woody Allen’s personal life keep students away from ‘Magic in the Moonlight’?
Back-to-school shopping … in Diagon Alley
Wounded vets cooking up a fresh start at Dog Tag Bakery

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Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 6.40.15 PM

The Jet Set Life of Professor Kroenig
In Campus Journalism, the Best Education
13 Years In, DeGioia Outlasts Predecessors in President’s Office
Transgender Students Enter Campus Spotlight
Clinton Covers Policy, Criticizes Media in Gaston
JJ to Leave Campus, Mascot Future in Question 

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Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 6.53.40 PMPoliticians, scientists debate Obama’s climate action plan on POTUS Politics
Congress faced with tough decisions on rising student loan interest rates
Black leaders respond to not guilty verdict in Trayvon Martin case
Behind the Scenes: Psy on the Morning Mash Up
Behind the Scenes: Selena Gomez on SiriusXM Hits 1
Police, politicians respond to stop-and-frisk ruling
Behind the Scenes: Katy Perry’s surprise visit

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Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 6.59.59 PMWhen We Were Young: Babble Staff as Adorable Tots


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